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Big Aussie Chardonnay Has Had Its Day

In a world dominated by bold, heavily oaked Australian Chardonnay that could double as butter bombs, we are trying to emerge from the heart of the Hunter Valley with something a bit different.

hunter valley chardonnay on a verandah looking out at a sunny vineyard
Our 2019 Chardonnay

With our 2019 vintage we are redefining expectations with a Chardonnay that's a departure from the norm—a wine that embraces tradition, prioritises crispness, and delivers a nuanced palate experience.

Our unique Chardonnay takes a departure from the heavy-handed oak treatment that often characterises its Australian counterparts. Instead, we pay homage to the classic French style, offering a delicately oaked wine that spends a mere six months in the barrel. The result is a truly distinctive flavour profile that we hope captivates the palates of both seasoned enthusiasts and those new to the world of wine.

At the heart of this wine is a commitment to quality that begins in the vineyards. Hugh takes immense pride in our Chardonnay vines, making a bold decision to harvest the grapes early. This strategic move shields the grapes from the unpredictable wet weather and "the birds the birds!" that can plague the region, ensuring the final product maintains its signature crisp and fresh flavour.

From the very first pour, this Chardonnay makes its mark with an olfactory symphony of pear and apple notes. These aromas seamlessly transition into the flavour profile, where they mingle with the exotic essence of starfruit and subtle undertones of white blossom. While the source of the latter remains a mystery—whether from the oak integration or the grape itself—it undeniably contributes to the wine's overall elegance as time progresses and the flavour develops it'll become clear, but for the moment we are just enjoying the flavours!

The decision to lightly oak the wine is a deliberate one, allowing the natural fruit flavours to shine while adding a touch of complexity. The result is a silky, fresh white wine that showcases the best of the Hunter Valley's terroir. As the wine continues to develop, the mystery of the white blossom notes unfolds, revealing the intricate dance between grape and oak that gives this Chardonnay its distinctive character.

looking on to hunter valley chardonnay vines from a bed
looking out from the tiny house on to the vines

In a world where innovation often takes centre stage, we think there's something comforting about a wine that pays homage to tradition. Our Chardonnay is hopefully testament to the artistry of winemaking—a delicate balance of grape selection, oak aging, and an unwavering commitment to quality. So, the next time you reach for a Chardonnay, consider stepping off the beaten path and savouring the nuances of this uniquely Australian take on a classic French style. Cheers to embracing the unexpected and enjoying the journey that each sip unfolds.

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