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Produced by Thirsty Palette Wine

247 Wilderness Road


NSW 2325


11.4% alc/vol

contains Sulphites & Milk

2022 Silver Seal Rosé

  • This expression has been able to age for 6 years giving a really deep fully developed mousse cream nutty undertone which is the hallmark of a great aged hunter valley Semillon which we are absolutely beyond ecstatic about. We only have 200 bottles left of this limited release so it we are treating each golden drip of this expression like it is 22 carats. 2017 is a particularly special year as it was the start of the last drought which meant this vintage was particularly acidic and fruity and a perfect hot summer day drink that you get straight out of the fridge which brings out the acidity of the Semillon Grapes. As this Semillon ages it is developing into more of an appreciation white wine that you should serve slightly warmer but still with a slight chill (about 16 degrees), this makes it easier to drink bringing out more depth and texture. Immediately when you smell our Semillon you’ll be hit by Limes, and the mineral depth of our soil. That follows into the front end of the flavour but leads towards a finish of the wine characterised by its class leading length that is full of creaminess which stays on your taste buds for a long long time.

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