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Chardonnay Description

2022 Chardonnay

  • A really light and unusual Chardonnay, don’t expect a big bold highly oaked aussie butter fest from this wine. We have moved away from this going back instead to a traditional crisp easy drink french classic chardonnay style with only hints of creaminess that is lightly oaked for only 6 months. We take great pride in our Chardonnay vines and as such we decided to pick our grapes early to ensure we were not hit by the wet weather experienced in the region leading to further enhancement of that crisp fresh flavour. You are immediately hit with aromas of pear and apple which built intrinsically into the flavours and furthered with starfruit and hints of white blossom at the moment we aren’t sure if that comes from the oak integration but it will become clear as the wine begins to develop, either way it contributes beautifully to to this silky fresh hunter valley white wine.

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