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Produced by Thirsty Palette Wine

247 Wilderness Road


NSW 2320


13.5% alc/vol

Contains Sulphites & Egg Whites

2021 Shiraz Cabernet

  • Our Shiraz Cabernet is a really rich red and purple coloured expression from Shiraz grapes grown on our property and cabernet grapes from sweetwater estate which is the oldest privately held estate in the hunter valley. On the palette it is really robust plum, dark cherry, black berry flavours with underlying notes from vanilla caused by the integration of flavour from the selection of french oak barrels. You can taste really strong bold flavours of tobacco and cigar box flavour from the american oak which even includes some notes of Bourbon. We transferred this wine after one year from french oak to american oak to give additional depth of flavour and complexity. The combination of different oaks blend together to give a rich complexity that is very vibrant and incredibly rewarding. The wine is really starting to develop chocolate notes on the back tones now that it has been bottled for a year, those flavours will continue to develop over time. We anticipate this really robust expression to peak somewhere between 7 and 10 years from now but very drinkable until 15 years.

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